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Miguel and Tulio trick naked Chel

Lovely Chel finally fell for the charms of Miguel and Tulio – those lucky bastards fooled her and forced to a wild threesome! Busty toon chick with awesome butt – that’s a trophy worth a ton of gold! They thrust their meaty rods into her snatch, massaging her clit and slapping her wide ass; they fuck her beautiful face, watching her eyes full of tears. At the end of it all, they give her a full load of snow white cum right down her throat and all over her face, watching her choke with it!

Peter Pan finally fucks Wendy

Beautiful Wendy always slept naked. And Peter Pan knew that well – every night he watched her undressing, and his meaty horse jumped out of his pants. Finally a decision was made, and the next night he penetrated her room. Wendy was surprised and a little scared, but Peter’s kiss tamed all the fears, and his warm hugs calmed her down. She nestled in his wide chest, and he felt her big boobs with hard nipples, which made him horny as never before…

Naruto’s sex trainings with Sakura and Hinata

Naruto’s trainings are becoming more and more complicated, as he becomes stronger every day. Now he and his friends have not only to learn the new jitsus, but also train their stamina! And what kind of training affects the stamina most intensely? Sex, of course! Kakashi-sensei is the first to show lovely naked Sakura what a real sex is all about – he nails her in the ass and pussy, making the poor girl moan and roll her eyes. Soon everyone grasp the idea, and the air fills with sweet smell of lust!